Team Services

Scorecard 1.0 - Results

Team only exist to produce results. Yet mission drift, bureaucracy, and personal agendas block the way to superior performance. Scorecard 1.0 take your team through a results audit bringing clarity of focus and responsibility. 

Scorecard 2.0 - Sum of the Whole

Each team is a sum of its parts--that is the talents and stories of its members.  Scorecard 2.0 brings the implied out into the open, building a team strengths profile, facilitating team member storytelling, and building the kind of trust needed for superior results. 

Scorecard 3.0 - Discuss the Undiscussable

Great teams work on their work, not just in it.  They discuss how to win given the strengths and liabilities inherent in their members.  Scorecard 3.0 is a growth exercise where members both affirm each other and share what they need to succeed.

Communication Plan

Multiple mediums, channels, and locations:  today's internal communication environment is a mess. VOCA's Communication process helps a team decide how and when it will communicate on what: agreed upon rules for availability, use of electronic communication, and conflict resolution are part of the fun.

Goal Setting

Collective goal setting and tracking is the key to improving performance. Some goals are routine, some are unique to the current season of organizational life. Some belong to everyone, and some fall to specific individuals or departments. Teams perform best when specific, time sensitive goals are identified and tracked. VOCA's Goal Setting Workshop empowers your team to set and track the goals that matter.

Black Sky

Industry disruption, massive change in the regulatory environment, and economic downturn: the sources of challenge to your firm are relentless.

If you want to be prepared, have VOCA lead you through a black sky planning exercise. Identify the worst that could happen and how you will respond in advance.

Foundations of Team Transformation


Decades of Team-Building Experience

Dr. Chip Roper has been building and participating in organize teams for 35 years. He blends the school of hard knocks with the practical side of academic learning to bring a robust perspective on the disciplines of teaming.

Columbia Coaching Program

Steeped in Columbia University's Executive Coaching Philosophy, all of VOCA's Team programs are built on two critical insights: 1) lasting change requires a constant back and forth between context, new information and options, and conduct = action in the real world; 2) Both cognitive and experiential learning are required to master any discipline.   

Adult Learning Theory in Practice

Dr. Roper's research into program measurement has shown that lasting behavioral change is possible with participant involvement, measurement, repetition, and connection to meaning.   

Proven Business Thinkers

VOCA regularly draws on the writing of great business thinkers and practitioners including Jim Collins, Peter Drucker, Sheila Heen, Clayton Christenson, Robert Kegan, Ken Blanchard, Patrick Lencioni, John Kotter, Robert Quinn, and Jack & Suzy Welch. 

Let us build a transformative experience for your team