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You spend significant influence capital and valuable time when you get your team together for training. You can't afford a flat or irrelevant presentation.  

Dr. Chip Roper knows. Chip has given over 2,000 presentations to inspire and galvanize working teams and organizational constituents to reach their full potential. He is known for authentic and practical presentations that make the complex simple and doable.

See the list below for a sampling of the topics which he has spoken on. Each can be delivered as a 20 minute TED talk or used as the foundation for a 2-4 hours workshop. 

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Satisfied Customer

It was a pleasure to participate in your workshop. I learned a lot from your presentation on communication. The summary you provided is also very helpful. We will make this a regular feature. Let’s keep in touch.

Dr. Adonia Ayebare, Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the Republic of Uganda

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Leadership: Mind the Gap

Minding and closing gaps is the core function of every leader.  Dr. Chip enjoins leaders to replace complaining with action. Leaders lean in to the external and internal gaps facing their teams.  Leaders honestly face their personal gaps and embrace growth as the way to move their teams forward.

Leadership: Champion Change

Leaders own change. Yet most efforts at changing a team function or culture fail. Dr. Chip explores insights and actions that create buy-in to make change stick.

Leadership: Three Forces You Can't Outrun

The best intel, training, and effort are almost always worth the time. Yet there are still three forces they cannot control, three invisible realities every leader must identify and leverage to succeed: their story, their wiring, and the system they are in.  

Leadership: Leading Up

360 degree leaders know that their supervisor has an outsized impact on their effectiveness and advancement. And everyone has someone above them in the org chart. Chip simplifies and humanizes the process of relating and working up the chain. 

Leadership: All Business Is Personal

It's a proven fact; we like to do business with people we like. Given this reality, how you build the internal and external trust for your organization to thrive? Dr. Chip will share the secrets with your team and help them increase the personal connection with the key stakeholders in your business. 



Teams: Prime Dysfunctions of a Team

Based on Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Dr. Chip talks about the two dysfunctions that can cripple your group performance: inattention to results and a lack of trust. 

Teams: Convene Compelling Meetings

So much of your time and your team time wasted in bad meetings! This is not necessary. A little planing, discipline, and adult learning theory and you can convene energizing meetings.

Teams: Identify your Rocks - The Secret to Prioritization

How do you and your team members discern and operationalize what is important? This workshop shows the ways with a powerful physical exercise and worksheets to make the learning stick.

Teams: Operational vs. Thematic Goal Setting

This goal setting exercise empowers your leaders to sift through the fog of demands and place their to-do's into two major buckets. 1) The operational, basic functions that must be maintained all the time and 2) the thematic - a cross-department, macro goal that captures where you whole institution must head to succeed.  

Teams: Communication 1.0

Building trust, alignment, and superior performance requires excellent communication. In a world of constant noise and interruption, this is the professional challenge of era. With practical strategies and deeper insights, Dr. Chip creates a road map to travel from dysfunctional communications to effective connection.

Teams: Discussing the Undiscussable

Teams achieve superior results when the members trust each other. Trust is built on their willingness to discuss the undiscussible. Dr. Chip leads your work group through an experience where the silence is broken and inter member confidence is deepened.

Professional Growth


Personal Development: Better Presentations

Are members of your team struggling to present compelling material in team meetings and off-sites?  Take them through VOCA's "Better Presentations" program and bring fresh clarity and life to the live presentations by your team.  

Personal Development: Friend Your Way Forward

Dr. Chip knows that an expanding network of friends is the key to moving ahead professionally and personally. With the increase of electronic noise, most of us look to people we know and trust for leads on products and talent. Chip has a system for meeting at least 100 people per quarter and equips your team to align their networking practice with organizational goals.  

Personal Development: Pain and Transformation

Everyone on your team will go through personal crisis at one point or another. These traumas inevitable spill over into work. In this talk, Dr. Chip explores how we can mine these experiences for personal and professional growth.

Personal Development: Surviving and Thriving Through Change

In today's business world, disruption is a constant. Dr. Chip explores how one can recognize and grow through the realities of organizational change.

Personal Development: Job Change, Grow, or Go

Tenures are down at almost every level of organizational responsibility. A good exit is often the best thing for a team. A premature exit can hurt both team and individual. This talk reveals the secret of knowing the difference and finishing well when its time to move on.

Personal Development: 20-Year Lifeplan

Imagine the higher levels of engagement, performance, and fun that would result in team members linking their long-term personal plans with your long-term professional plans. VOCA's 20-year Lifeplan Workshop empowers your team members to make the connection.