Most Outplacement Isn't Great

Check the Box or Out of the Box

Check-the-box Outplacement Programs fail to honor the unique talent mixes of each of your exiting team members.  They don't win your company branding points in the war for talent.  And they don't provide peace of mind for you as you consider taking care of your former colleagues.


Your Challenge


It's Hard Letting People Go

It can be traumatic to let people go, particularly when they have been trusted colleagues or valuable team members whose jobs must be eliminated for economic reasons


You Face Challenging Constraints

The demands of the business drive you to help people on to their next as quickly and cheaply as possible.  This emotionally charged task is added your already overloaded task list and an overflowing inbox


Which Provider To Choose

When it comes to outplacement services, you face a jungle of choices.  How do you find one that will work AND that will provide caring counsel for your former teammates?

Three Steps To A Solution


STEP 1: Build

First we spend time with you to understand your goals, budget, and the company story that led to the reduction in headcount.  


We deliver a combination of large group, Digital, and one-on-coaching resources to assist every team member on to a great next. Our team has spent hundreds of hours compassionately and strategically guiding clients to their next job and career.


We report to you regularly on utilization, engagement rates, and time to land.