Making Work Better for Leaders and Individual Professionals

Core Services

Executive Coaching

Each of us need clarity around what matters. Executive coaching is private and customized professional development that does just that.  Coaching is a co-created process which equips the client to reach goals that relate to performance and the bottom line.

The Executive Check-up

True leaders know that ignorance is not necessarily bliss. VOCA's Executive Checkup gives you a clear picture of how you are relating to your peers and subordinates. It provides a comprehensive description of your personal assets and liabilities. Through the process you create a map to enhance your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses for sustainable executive health.

Rough Edges

No one wants to be known as a jerk. None of us enjoy working with the chronically obnoxious. But inevitably we find high performers with terrible soft-skills and low emotional intelligence. VOCA's rough edges program uses feedback, training, and coaching to eliminate destructive behaviors of otherwise valuable employees.

Career Change

Considering or in the midst of a job or career change? VOCA's Career Discernment Program brings you clarity through deeper self-awareness and disciplined market analysis.  Why fly blind into your future, when you can understand your greatest contributions and avenues to maximize them through your work?

Next Level Leadership

Just been promoted? Responsible for the development of High-Potentials (HiPo's) in your organization? VOCA's Next Level Leadership program prepares you or the HiPo's in your organization for meeting the challenges that come with new roles and higher levels of leadership responsibility. 

Leading Change

Leaders take their teams and organizations from here to there, from where they are to a better future. Leadership is all about guiding people through change. Using insights from Harvard Professors Kotter and Kegan, targeted coaching, and group experiences, VOCA's Leading Change program gives you a road map for engendering the buy-in that makes changes last.

Leadership Development Endorsement

The Best Decisions of My Career

Through my executive coaching engagement with Dr. Chip, I've made the best business decisions of my career. Chip has the ability to help me sift through the noise and find clarity. I highly recommend his services to any leader who knows they can be better and needs a guide to find the way forward. ~ Mike, Managing Director, Private Bank 

Foundations for Leadership Transformation


The Columbia Coaching Process

VOCA's Executive Coaching follows the Columbia University model of moving from Context to Content to Conduct. Using the best of brain science, adult learning, and the disciplines of productivity, the Columbia Model is proven to produce lasting change. 

Practical Research

With doctoral level expertise in measuring programatic outcomes, Dr. Roper is able to build custom tools and instruments to provide you with an accurate view of current reality as well as measure the efficacy of intervention outcomes.


Dr. Roper has been leading teams and organizations since his late teens. He has made many, many mistakes. Learning from failure, training, and mentoring, Chip has a deep well of resources from which to enrich your leadership.  

Current clients are found in the finance, nonprofit-education, tech, medical, media -arts, and fashion industries.


VOCA regularly draws on the writing of great business thinkers and practitioners, including Jim Collins, Peter Drucker, Sheila Heen, Clayton Christenson, Robert Kegan, Ken Blanchard, Patrick Lencioni, John Kotter, Robert Quinn, and Jack & Suzy Welch.


The Highlands Ability Battery:  Dr. Roper is a master level user and trainer of the Battery, a tool that objectively measures an individual's personal style, decision making capacity and task motivation.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):  Dr. Roper has been using the MBTI with clients for over ten years and finds it empowers deeper performance through promoting self and team-member understanding.