Your Challenge


Getting to the Top

It is incredibly challenging to start a business today, but even more of a struggle to create a business that endures and thrives over decades


Staying on Top

Globalization and constant disruption have dropped company tenure on the S&P to its shortest length in over 100 years, CEO tenures are contracting, and only 25% of startups ever make money


Three Pillar Method

VOCA's growth paradigm is unique because it combines three momentum building foci: individuals leaders, team health, and elite client engagement.  While you can find inspiring content resource on each one, we bring a unified framework

Three Phases To A Solution



Using focused interviews, short questionnaires, our proprietary assessment tool, and policy review, we create a clear problem statement and a monetized definition of success. 


In partnership with your leadership team, we select from a menu of learning modalities and deliver the combination of experiences that have the best likelihood of driving the desired organizational change. Most engagements include some form of large group workshop and strategically selected embed activities.


Change initiatives require at least six months of monitoring to result in lasting, business-enhancing, behavior modification. We combine metric tracking with executive and team coaching to keep the engagement on course and adjust as necessary.

Building on David Ridley's Invesco Track Record


David Ridley

David A. Ridley founded Invesco Real Estate (IRE) in 1983. Under his leadership IRE went from $0 to over $70 billion in assets under management, a team of 1 to a team of over 400 employees, a no-name firm to one of the top five and from 1 client to over 500. And they did this with an ever-increasing sense of stability over 32 years. During his tenure IRE lost ZERO private real estate clients and lost ZERO partners. 

David has the kind of experience you want to see in someone who is teaching you about business growth that endures. He is passionate about coaching CEOs, and other senior organizational leaders around increasing their productivity by focusing on the correct factors necessary to build enduring legacy organizations. Dave is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and CEO who's a frequent speaker and consultant around building enduring organizations including the establishment of exceptional organizational culture. In addition to being CEO of IRE, David was named one of Invesco’s Senior Managing Directors, leading its institutional client engagement efforts for the firm’s $800 billion in assets under management and its 6,000 employees worldwide. David is a graduate of the University of Texas and resides with his wife, Kandy, in Dallas. 

Dr. Chip Roper

Dr. Chip Roper joins David, customizing the application of the Enduring Growth framework to your team.  Chip is an accomplished entrepreneur, executive coach, writer, and speaker. As the President of the VOCA Center Inc., in New York City, Chip knows many executives fear they aren’t getting the most out of their people. So VOCA delivers customized training to produce measurable improvement in your team. He believes that investment in your people should translate into growth for your business. Certified as an Executive Coach through Columbia University, with over 30 years of P/L experience growing organizations, Chip is well equipped to help you apply the practices of enduring growth.