What's Next For Your Career?

We all get to this point in our work journey: We do not know what's next in our career and we don't know how to answer the question


At A Dead End?

It is suprisingly normal to face dead ends in your career.  Maybe you've been forced into job search mode and now the clock is ticking.  Maybe you're in a job that sucks the life out of you.  You're uncertain how you can make sure the next move is a better one.



As you face the challenge of identifying and landing your next, it can be overwhelming.  You find that what worked in the past, doesn't seem to be working now.  There are so many options, where do you start?


Answer: VOCA's Proven Process

At VOCA, we know how challenging transition can be.  So we've taken Columbia Business Schoo's leadership transformation framework, and created a career navigation process for people like you.  We strengthen your confidence and your skills by mixing professional coaching, objective data, and the best job search practices for the current reality of the market. 

A Proven Framework

A Three-Step Process

A Three-Step Process

A Three-Step Process


VOCA walks you through a three-step process of Career Discernment

  1. Deepen Your Personal Clarity through objective assessment.
  2. Narrow Your Options through real-world exploration
  3. Land Your Next

Proven Results

A Three-Step Process

A Three-Step Process


Hundreds have benefited from our Career Discernment Program.  By the end of our basic 7-hour program:

  • 35% land their next job before they finish the program
  • 31% decide its best to stay where they are for the time being, and do so with fresh perspective and motivation
  • 34% know their top choice for their next and are in the process of landing it.

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