Dr. Chip Roper, President


Chip understands the leadership challenge with over 30 years of P/L firsthand experience. Certified by Columbia University in Executive Coaching, graduate training in program measurement/design, and thousands of hours delivering coaching and counsel position him to deliver empathetic and strategic transformation to your team. 

Sarah Evers, Coach - Consultant


Sarah's passion is releasing the full potential of leaders and teams by applying the principles of transformative leadership.  With a Client list that includes Morgan Stanley and H&M, decades running her own business, and engaging presence, Sarah is poised to help you tackle your leadership development challenges. 

Ken Kinard, Coach - Consultant


If you or your team have faced an intractable business challenge, you will be grateful for Ken's work in innovation labs and creativity.  Ken draws on his Masters work at Johns Hopkins in the arts, the four-part creativity paradigm, and decades of P/L responsibility to draw out the untapped creative thinking of. your team.  

Christine S. Oh, Coach-Consultant


Christine's passion is to see each team member functioning in the best lane for the organization and for them.  Her decades long career as a business development professional, her training in public administration, and her coaching in career navigation, make her a valuable resource for members of your team who are wrestling with job fit and career moves.  

David Ridley, Business Growth Consultant


Imagine consistently growing your business, year over year, for decades.  David Ridley did it.  Dave founded Invesco's Real Estate business and led it to market prominence, consistently winning over his 32 year run.  He is an expert at building the kind of team that can keep winning business over the long haul.  

Jeanne Stewart, HR Compliance Consultant


Jeanne is VOCA's HR Compliance Expert.  We know you want to take great care of your team and obey the law.  Growing high performing team, inevitably involves moving people around. Jeanne is the expert who can help you make those moves with respect for the people concerned, and with an eye to protecting your firm from legal exposure.  Here certifications and designations include: SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CDP