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The VOCA Experience


You'll find VOCA Center clients working better at world-class companies including those listed above.    VOCA's executive coaching, business and management consultant offerings and career coach services drive superior results.   At VOCA we pride ourselves on creating bespoke programming to move you and your team from data to practice to lasting change.   Based in New York City, we serve professionals everywhere.  

Many of our clients work in finance, media, and health-related industries.

Work can Be Better. Vocational Clarity Makes the Difference.


At VOCA, we help you and your team discover the three critical components of Vocational Clarity.  

Vocational Clarity drives superior performance.

The three components are: 

  1. Each team members "personal balance sheet"  (the assets and liabilities they bring to work each day).  
  2. The Key Results required (the measurable outputs for the team and the individual).  
  3. The best strategy to drive real-world wins.

Why Us?


Dr. Chip Roper founded the Voca Center in 2014 to share the insights and experiences that have made work better for him and numerable colleagues.  Trained and certified by Columbia University in Executive Coaching, Dr. Roper has spent thousands of "hours behind the desk," founding, leading and improving organizations of many types.  Chip's graduate training in program measurement/design and leadership practice, his hours of counseling experience and vast network of colleagues and resource providers, have prepared him to bring great value to you in your work journey.   

Transformed Clients

Team Looking to Improve Communication:   We were looking for training to improve our ability to sift through competing demands and decrease lost time due to poor communication.  " I learned a lot from your presentation on communication. The summary you provided is also very helpful. We will make this a regular feature or our work"

     Dr. A., Permanent Representative to the United Nations for an African Republic

Executive in Transition:   I have had conversations with some very talented people that were also good listeners, but I rarely walked away feeling that I have a new road to travel.  You have a way of listening that leads to a wise course of action. 

     Large-Cap CEO 

New Work-Group Forming:  Our team doubled in three months.  VOCA's team profile and offsite program helped us 1) learn each other's wiring and 2) apply that wiring to the work we need to do each day.  The data helped us fill in the "why" positively for each other and know who to lean on for specific demands in our collective responsibility.  

    Marci M., Nonprofit Program Director,  Lt. Coronel, US Army, Retired 

Dr. Chip Roper interviews Private Equity Exec. at a summit in Manhattan

Dr. Chip Roper interviews Private Equity Exec. at a summit in Manhattan

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